Spring 2018 // Master of Fine Art Photography, Academy of Art University, San Francisco

Spring 2012 // BS Law and BA Photography, Pai Chai Unversity, South Korea


DIPF : The 20th Donggang International Photo Festival 2022. Street Installation Exhibition. Yeongwol, South Korea. Jul - Oct 2022

YCA Exhibition: Young Chungcheong Artist Exhibition. Art Terrace, Daejeon Shinsegae, Daejeon, South Korea. Feb-May 2022

ArtLab Daejeon 2019: The Foggy Night. M2 Project Room, Lee Ungno Museum, Daejeon, South Korea. June-Nov 2019

The Foggy Night: Solo Exhibition. 688 Gallery, Academy of Art University. 688 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94102. May-June 2018

CA. 94965 Exhibition: Photography Intensive 2017. 625 Gallery, Academy of Art University. 625 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94102. Aug-Sep 2017

Selected Works from Spring Show 2017. Atelier Gallery, Academy of Art University. 79 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105. June-Sep 2017

Hawaii Photography Exhibition 2017: Isolation. East Hawai'i Cultural Center/HMOCA, 141 Kalakaua St. Hilo, HI 96720. June-July 2017

Spring Show 2017. Academy of Art University, 2225 Jerrold Avenue San Francisco, CA 94124. May-June 2017

The Light Factory 9th Juried Annuale. 1817 Central Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205. Apr-June 2017

Unseen: Photography Beyond the Visible. Providence Center for Photographic Arts, 118 North Main Street, 2nd Floor Providence, RI. Apr–May 2017

Allegany National Photography Competition and Exhibition. Allegany Arts Council at 9 N. Centre St, Cumberland, MD 21502. Apr 2017

Taking Pictures 2017. Black Box Gallery. 811 East Burnside St. #212 Portland, Oregon 97214. Apr 2017

Singular/Signature Exhibition. The Center for Fine Art Photography, 400 North College Ave, Fort Collins, Colorado. Mar-Apr 2017

Photowork 2017, Barrett Art Center’s 30th Annual National Juried Photography Exhibition. Barrett Art Center 55 Noxon Street  Poughkeepsie, New York. Jan-Mar 2017

Digital Commercial Photography Exhibition. Daejeon, South Korea. June 2011

Published & Press

Metro Seoul | 새벽을여는사람들: 그가 밤과 기묘함을 카메라에 담는 이유

International Photography Grant 2019: Nominee | Landscape Category

Art1 | Blog 작가이야기: 밤을 걷는 김경호 작가의 '기묘한 야경 사진'

Newsis News Agency | 아트1 아티스타-42: 해외 사진계가 주목한 김경호 ‘안개낀 밤’

Minimalist Photography Awards 2019: Night Category Winners | 2nd Place Winner

Art1 | Articovery 2019: Artist-Discovery 2019 | Top9

12th Annual International Color Awards: Nominee in Fine Art | The Foggy Night

One EyeLand Photography Awards 2018: Finalist 2018 | Special - Night Photography

Chromatic Awards | International Color Photography Contest 2018: Honorable Mention of Cityscapes | Light of Day 2018: Honorable Mention Award

IPA | International Photography Awards 2018: Night Photography 3rd Place Winner

C 41 Magazine | Photography: The fog shows us different worlds every time according to Kyle Kim

IP | The Independent Photographer: Open Call Award 2018 Finalist

Shoot The Frame | Monthly International Photography Awards: June Shoot The Land Finalist

Musée Magazine: Weekend Portfolio: Kyle Kim

FAPA | Fine Art Photography Awards: 4TH FAPA Night Photography 1st Place Winner

Photographer’s Forum Magazine: 38th Annual College Photography Contest sponsored by FUJIFILM

Book Cover | Holy Name by Russell Morse: SHAKESPEARE & CO

Somewhere Magazine | Photography: The Foggy Night by Kyle Kim


Vice Magazine | Creators: Fog Is Nature’s Filter in Stunning Nighttime Photos of San Francisco

Joia Magazine | Fotografía / Audiovisual: Kyle Kim fotografía noches de niebla

This isn't happiness: Art, Photography, Design & Disappointment


Nominee: International Photography Grant 2019 | Landscape Category

2nd Place Winner: Minimalist Photography Awards 2019 | Night Category Winners

Finalist 2018 | Special - Night Photography: One EyeLand Photography Awards 2018

Honorable Mention | Cityscapes: Chromatic Photo Awards 2018

Honorable Mention Award: Light of Day 2018.

IPA 2018 Night Photography 3rd Place Winner: IPA | International Photography Awards 2018.

Night Photography 1st Place Winner: FAPA | Fine Art Photography Awards.

1st Place Color Award: Allegany National Photography Competition and Exhibition. Allegany Arts Council.

Juror’s Honorable Mention Award: Singular/Signature Exhibition. The Center for Fine Art Photography.


The 20th Donggang International Photo Festival 2022.

Street Installation Exhibition. Yeongwol, South Korea.


There are various sounds in Yeongwol.
The sounds are conveyed to us in their natural form.
Artificial things and nature that we face in our daily lives are combined together to stimulate our imagination inside.
The experience of sound imagined in the visualized image is also different for everyone.
The sound exists to us unfamiliar to some and familiar to others.
It rings with the wind and approaches us.
Pause for a moment and listen to the sound once in a while.



Sunday Off_썬데이오프    나 아닌 누구를

Album Cover | 2020


1207 Studio                                                                                                                  South Korea

Assistant & Photographer / Editorial and Commercial photography 2013

  • Assisted on interior shoots.
  • Assisted on Han Nam University, Commercial brochure shoots.
  • Photographed & Assisted on food photo shoots.
  • Set up precise photographic measurements and control equipment.

Floriane Studio                                                                                                                  South Korea

Assistant / Baby & Family photography 2011

  • Assisted on Baby & Family portrait shoots.
  • Monitored studio for adequate quantities of supplies.
  • Ensured lights, cameras, backdrops and props are in pristine condition.

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