Photogravure Print.

I’m Complex is a series of fine art landscape photographs that focus on the Marin Headlands and explore surrounding objects. The body of work begins with a curiosity about an object that’s existence is unknown. The Marin Headlands is the site of a number of historic military bunkers and batteries. After the Cold War, all military sites in the Headlands were decommissioned and returned to civilian use. At present, the Headlands affords spectacular views of San Francisco and, as such, is a very popular tourist attraction.

With such a background, I focus on things that have been abandoned or used by someone in the space and now I want to ask the questions why does it exist here and where did it come from. It is as if they simply did not exist. Through this idea, I would like to show viewers a simple still life picture inside the landscape. However, the printing process will show the delicacy and complexity that is not as simple as the objects.

For this series, I have created images through a photogravure process. Photogravure registers a wide variety of tones, through the transfer of etching ink from an etched copper plate to special dampened paper run through an etching press. Since the late 19th century, this process has begun to be largely unused. It effectively reflects objects that seem unnecessary through this process. Also, the photogravure print engages the images emotionally. As viewers explore the work, I hope that they can look upon the images and experience elaborate and aesthetic feelings in simplicity. 

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