As a child growing up in Korea, the camera was only a simple way of recording beautiful things in his life. He studied Law & Photography at Pai Chai University. As an undergraduate student studying photography, he continued to take photos, and it grew into a very serious interest. After graduation, his father required him to go to law school to become a lawyer. However, he didn't want to go to law school as his interest in photography had far exceeded his interest in becoming an attorney.

        To that end, he started to work as an assistant and photographer in a commercial studio in Korea, but there was a gap between reality and his artistic ideals. He decided he wanted to go to graduate school, and get an advanced degree in photography. Since enrolling at the Academy of Art University, he has strived to expand his skills in fine art photography.

Artist Statement

        Kyle Kim is a San Francisco based fine art landscape photographer from Korea who conveys uncommon beauty through his images. The San Francisco Bay Area has great varied landscapes; the explorations of landscape photography were a big part of his life and led to his strong passion for photography. He prefers to observe and understand how the landscape interacts with both emotion and light.

        As a photographer, He works tirelessly to push beyond the limitations of exposure time and aperture width, in order to shine light into dark places. The emotions that he is trying to evoke meaningful. Photography is the tool he uses to communicate these feelings. Kyle is currently pursuing an MFA, and is available for contract work.

Using Format